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Information on the protection of children regarding the processing of personal data

Please read the following information carefully on the processing of personal data in the light of your child’s participation in the CGSMUN Conference, in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and Greek legislation.


Categories of Personal Data subject to processing

The CGSMUN Conference, as the Data Controller, processes (receives, maintains and uses) the following categories of personal data: 

1) Your child’s data which is completed during registration (full name, school, email and year of study, etc.), as well as other personal data provided by current legislation. 

2) Photographs and/or videos of your child during his / her attendance at the CGSMUN Conference provided that you grant your consent in the separate field.


Purpose of and legal basis for the processing 

1) Your child’s participation in the CGSMUN Conference. In this case, the legal basis for the processing is the conclusion and execution of the contract between us, under which your child participates in the Conference, in combination with current legislation. 

2) Safeguarding the personal data of your child, other participants, employees, third parties and our Conference. In this case, the legal basis for processing is our compliance with our legal obligations to you and third parties and the safeguarding of the vital legal interests of our Conference to ensure the protection of the aforementioned goods (your child’s and third parties’) and to preserve its reputation as a safe place for the provision of the conference.

3) The use by the CGSMUN Conference – and the promotion of the activities organized and conducted by the CGSMUN Conference – of photos/videos of your child, but only with your prior explicit consent, also provides the legal basis for such processing. 


Recipients of personal data:

The processing is limited within the CGSMUN Conference and personal data will be available exclusively to our administrative staff, which is bound by an obligation to maintain confidentiality. The CGSMUN Conference does not transmit your data to countries outside the EEA (European Economic Area).

Recipients of the data are: 

(a) public authorities (The Inland Revenue or corresponding public bodies).

(b) judicial and prosecuting authorities, in the event of a claim or criminal case.

(c) organisations with which the CGSMUN Conference cooperates on a case-by-case basis within the framework of educational, sporting, cultural and other activities. 

(d) CGSMUN Conference’s external partners, such as photo and/or video service providers (in the event of your direct contract with any of these persons, please contact them to be informed of the terms of your data processing and the exercise of your rights), printers and editors of commemorative publications of the CGSMUN Conference, lawyers, etc., who are bound by an obligation to maintain confidentiality, and only to the extent required to perform the specific tasks / instructions that everyone has in the context of the aforementioned purposes.  


Personal data retention time:

The afore-mentioned personal data will be retained at the time specified for each of them in the applicable law and, in the event of a claim, for as long as is required for their irrevocable resolution.

Your child’s audio-visual material (photos / videos) will be retained for five (5) years from its receipt, unless you withdraw your consent earlier in which case it will be deleted immediately. Photos / videos on the CGSMUN Conference Website and social media can be posted for a period not exceeding five years.


Parents’/guardians’ rights:

By means of a written request to the CGSMUN Conference, you can, at any time, exercise the following rights:

(a) The right to access, namely to be informed as to whether the personal data concerning you and your child is being processed, and receive copies of this data as well as any other information concerning the processing carried out.

(b) The right to rectify and supplement inaccurate and incomplete data.

(c) The right to portability for all data we process on a legal basis by contract, law and consent (see Section 2 above).

(d) The right to request the deletion of data and/or a restriction on its processing,

(e) The right to object to:

(i) The sending of notifications via post, e-mail or sms, by sending us a relevant request to the following e-mail . In this event, we will cease sending updates. 

(ii) The transfer of data to the insurance companies that provide us with liability and health insurance. In this event, if you exercise the right of objection, by sending us a relevant request to the following e-mail ,we will consider whether the reasons you cite, and which must relate to your own particular situation, are in the interests of the CGSMUN Conference for the transfer, which are mainly based on our obligation to meet our duty of care for the duration of your children’s participation at the CGSMUN Conference, as well as if there are alternatives for the better protection of the data concerning you and your children.

(iii) The transfer of data to third parties for judicial use, always of course provided that the CGSMUN Conference deems, after due consideration, that their granting is necessary and appropriate in supporting the rights of the (third party) before judicial authorities. 

(iv) With regard to this, we inform you that, in the event that the transfer of data is necessary for the establishment, exercise or support of legal claims in court or out of court, the legal interests of the CGSMUN Conference are superior and it is not possible to satisfy the right of any objection you may exercise. 

(f) The right to withdraw, at any time, the consent you have granted for the editing of your child’s photos/videos. In addition, in case you consider that your personal data and that of your child’s are affected in any way, you can file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority ( at any time. However, we will be more than happy to give you the opportunity to resolve any issues that are of concern to you before you appeal to the Authority. 

Data Processing and Communication Officer: For the exercise of your above rights as well as for any communication regarding personal data, please contact us (the CGSMUN CONFERENCE, based in Pallini, Attica, GR-153 51) by email: or by phone 210 6030411.  


Information and consent regarding the collection and editing of my child’s image (in photos and videos)

Information prior to consent:

  1. The CGSMUN Conference intends to receive and maintain commemorative photos and videos of your child from his/her attendance and participation in the CGSMUN Conference. Photos and videos are posted on the CGSMUN Conference website (e.g. photos of committees, group photo, etc.) or on social media.
  2. You are free to withdraw fully or partially your consent to the following at any time, so that your child’s corresponding photos and videos will be deleted. This obligation obviously does not exist for photographs that have been included in publications of the CGSMUN Conference. Moreover, in the case of photos/videos, which display more children, your possible refusal to consent to the appearance of your child or the subsequent withdrawal of your consent, does not imply the non-taking – or respectively the destruction- of the photos/videos, but only the blurring of the image (face and body) of your child so that it is not recognizable.
  3. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the processing that has previously taken place (publication in an album, posting on the website, etc.).

In the event of the posting of photos/videos of your child on the CGSMUN Conference website, i) it will be without the student’s name and surname, so that the photo/video will not be able to be connected to the personal data in general of the participant and ii) every effort will be made to ensure that our websites, which contain photos/videos in search engines, are not indexed. Furthermore, in the case of withdrawal of consent, we will take reasonable measures to inform the third party responsible for processing the data.


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