The Costeas-Geitonas School Model United Nations (CGSMUN) Executive Board is more than delighted to invite you to our upcoming conference, which will take place on December 11th-13th, 2020 at the Costeas-Geitonas School premises in Athens, Greece.

CGSMUN is a great tradition at our school and an integral part of its life! Having started back in 2006, at that time still being a small-scale conference with few participants, CGSMUN has continuously developed and expanded ever since. The conference has grown in size, popularity and efficacy, and attracted schools and participants from all over Greece, as well as abroad.

A highlight in its history was in 2012, when CGSMUN joined The Hague International Model United Nations Foundation (THIMUN) family, having fulfilled all THIMUN criteria and standards for a successful, international conference. This achievement boosted the reputation of CGSMUN even more and, since 2013, CGSMUN has evolved even further, unfolding its full potential. At present, it is no exaggeration to consider CGSMUN one of the best-organized and most successful MUN conferences in Greece.

The number of participants usually exceeds 650 people giving us the opportunity to host a multicultural and diverse conference, with schools and independent participants from more than 15 European and Middle-Eastern countries.

Our conference strives to become better each year and is honored to have welcomed esteemed Ambassadors from European, African or Asian countries, UN officials, and a wide range of experts, including university professors and important NGOs, as guests or key-note speakers. We place a lot of emphasis on engaging students actively and to explicitly connect our topics with the real world.

A focal asset of CGSMUN, which distinguishes it from other conferences and ensures the above-mentioned success, is its Executive Board, which is composed of very experienced MUN Directors, an Organizing Committee formed by highly capable university students who were past MUNers themselves, as well as a 5-member Secretariat consisting of the best young MUNers across Europe and the Middle East.

CGS’s dedicated school staff and the expertise it offers are added to this team in order to produce the best of outcomes.

A final point we would like to mention is the pro-social action and environmentally-friendly character of CGS and, by extension, of CGSMUN. Every year, the conference has held at least one fundraising campaign for important humanistic NGOs, such as Amnesty International or Doctors Without Borders, and manages to raise considerable funds that greatly contribute to the activity of these organizations.

In addition, as we highly value environmental sustainability, in previous CGSMUN conferences we did our best to minimize the number of printed materials, as well as provide handbooks and pens that were made only from recycled paper. Additionally, at last year’s conference, environmentally-friendly water bottles were distributed to all delegates in an attempt to eliminate one-use plastic bottles. This is one of the good practices we seek to adhere to and we hope to take one step further every year.

All in all, we are confident that our conference will meet your standards for an international MUN conference, and will live up to any expectations. We will be more than pleased to see once again schools that have traditionally attended our conference, as well as new participating schools.

We look forward to your statement of interest (Form I) and, should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at cgsmun@cgs.edu.gr.


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