Registration Guide

  1. Schools completing Form I must also submit a transaction receipt of the non-refundable deposit of 80€ (registration fee). Form I will be active from June 10th to September 20th 2024.
  2. Form II, whereby all delegates are formally registered, will be active from October 1st to November 10th 2024. Upon completion of the form, schools must deposit the full amount for participation.
  3. Any withdrawals after the submission of FORM II will not be refunded.
  4. The form for Individual Delegates will be available from October 1st to November 10th 2024. Upon completion of the form, individual participants will be contacted by the CGS MUN committee regarding their allocation and should deposit the amount of participation for their position within a week.
  5. Student officers and Advocates must deposit the corresponding amount of participation and send the transaction receipt within a week of their appointment to their position. No refunds will be granted once they have accepted the position in case of withdrawal or in case they are replaced due to not fulfilling their obligations as Student Officers (drafting study guides, mentoring delegates and collaborating with the Secretariat).
  6. If there are any questions, please contact the CGS MUN Organizing Committee at


Registration Fee (for schools only)
80€ / participant
Student Officers-Advocates
40€ / participant
80€ / participant (no delegation fees)
Delegation Fees
1-3 delegations*
80 € each
4 delegations or more*
30 € each


*delegations refer to the allocation of Countries. Please consult the site for the Country list and number of positions available per country. Delegates that sign up for the YA are not subject to a delegation fee.


CGS School
National Bank of Greece:

GR 5401100750000007547010038 Costeas Geitonas SA
Bank Account Number
Reason for Deposit
School name MUN (For example, Costeas Geitonas School MUN)


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