12th Conference

Esteemed MUN directors, honorable delegates and future participants,


On behalf of the CGS MUN Secretariat, we cordially invite you to participate in the 12th CGS Model United Nations Conference on December 8-10, 2017 in Athens.

The Secretariat reflected on many pressing issues the world faces today ranging from political instability, economic challenges and security issues to environmental concerns.  Those who hold political power have certainly played a pivotal role in how today’s society has begun to decline.   We as the Secretariat worked collaboratively to form an agenda which will explore these contemporary issues.  It is in this context that this year’s Special Conference will be on the “Rise of Populism.”  With an extensive focus on its growing effects and how to prevent it, topics will range from acknowledging and tackling the rise of far right movements internationally, to increasing political participation and civil engagement in events that shape the world.  Certainly, populism is on the rise in the world.  At times, characterized as “nationalist nostalgia”, it feeds on extremism and vice-versa. Populism can be fertile ground for xenophobia, fueling war, media distortion and the disregard of human rights.  The lack of faith and trust in political authority has caused a shift towards populism and far right movements.  Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, suggests “The disregard for human rights is a disease, and it is a disease that is spreading – North, South, East and West.”

It is in our hands to shape the future – this is the aspiration of CGSMUN.  We hope to build skills and acquire knowledge to face what the future will bring. Model United Nations is an amazing opportunity, and a real-life diplomatic simulation for young scholars to engage in debate which reflect global realities. For the past 12 years, the CGSMUN is an environment where young people from around the world come together in a multicultural setting and have a platform to strengthen thier public speaking and organizational skills in the process.  The conference is an opportunity for students to freely and openly express themselves whilst gaining valuable MUN experience, together with more than 650 participants from 15 different countries from around the world.

This year’s event will be a memorable experience for aspiring young diplomats who will come to Athens to discuss contemporary issues surrounding the surge in populism.  It will also be a chance to discuss diverse agenda topics with other participants and to establish new networking links and build relationships that last a lifetime.

On behalf of the Executive Team, we look forward to welcoming you to Athens in December!



The Secretary General

Dafni Paraschi

The President of the General Assembly

Ata Kolday



Esteemed MUN Advisors, Dear Delegates,


We, the CGS MUN Directors, would like to invite you all to our conference and make you part of the CGS family. A great number of students who have previously participated in our conference, have ended up being actively involved in it, in various roles as we consider that the main objective of our yearly event is to truly unite people, offer them a common dream and forge long-lasting friendships. It is truly inspirational to watch students evolve through this process, grow and embark on their academic life but still choose to stay in touch with us and MUN.

Inspired by the highly political year that we have embarked on, we decided upon the Rise of Populism as our main theme for this year’s Conference. ’Populism’ is a word that we hear more than others these days. But what does it mean? What does it take for someone to be a ‘Populist’? Is it the fact that they appeal to our emotions? Is it the fact that they offer simplistic solutions to complex problems? International law is often forgotten, and human rights are dismissed. People have lost faith in their own institutions. In this year’s CGS MUN, we will debate topics related to Populism but most importantly we will empower our youth to come up with their own answers to the critical questions posed. It is only through high quality education that our world can become better equipped to face the challenges that will inevitably occur.

We hope that we will be given the opportunity to host you in December for an unforgettable experience, exploring international politics and engaging in diplomatic dialogue. We are positive that the students will ultimately give solutions to the most critical global challenges and envision new perspectives to better comprehend the changing world we live in.


We hope to see you all soon!


CGSMUN Director

Olga Giovani



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