11th Conference

Esteemed MUN advisors, honourable delegates and future participants,

On behalf of the Secretariat it is our honour and privilege to cordially invite you to this year’s 11th annual Costeas-Geitonas School Model United Nations Conference, hosted at the cradle of democracy in the city of Athens. This historic background will be welcoming participants from all around the globe at the premises of Costeas -Geitonas School from the 9th to the 11th of December, 2016.

Our world is currently undergoing a critical period. We have reached a stage at which the culmination of political, social, economic and environmental issues has set the scene for what is to come. Discussion, negotiation and deliberation will be crucial in our fight as a global society. Yet through MUN, the above rights usually reserved for politicians, are given to us, students as an opportunity to discuss, define and shape our own future. What the context of MUN does, is precisely replicate these traits to provide a forum through which the youth of today can solve today’s issues, and plan for the future. At CGSMUN we see the embodiment of the United Nations set forward on a platform in which nearly 600 delegates from across the planet gather to discuss these same issues we are facing.

Yet our world does not remain unchanged; with technology reaching hitherto inconceivable heights, communication is easier than ever. Our world is constantly interconnected through Social Media, and our capacity to appeal to the masses simply with the touch of a button has subjected us to new possibilities. Social Media enables us to discuss with individuals overseas, or organize an event of any nature. It is essentially one’s key to the modern world. It is a prism through which a person gets integrated into the global society. Unfortunately, as of now its misuse is widely spread. Ranging from fraud to manipulation, the Social Media has allowed a vast array of new hazards to enter our lives. An instrument of virtually unlimited capabilities, Social Media can either help us shape a better tomorrow through coordinated democratic action, or mislead people into a false reality. Thus, it is up to us to diminish its misuse, as well as employ it to its fullest potential!

As such, in order for us to adapt to these changes, we decided to slightly alter our Conference set up. While we will be maintaining our 4 General Assembly Committees (Disarmament and International Security, Economic and Financial, Social Humanitarian and Cultural, Special Political and Decolonization), this year we decided on the creation of the Human Rights Council, which will be devoted to solving issues purely humanitarian in nature, something which we felt was of utmost importance in today’s society. This body will be acting along another five agencies (Security Council, International Court of Justice, Economic and Social Council, Environment Commission, and Special Conference on Social Media), all of which will be acting in their own respective fields of expertise.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “we cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”. This is precisely what CGSMUN aims to do; provide the new generation of citizens not only with the requisite skills, but also place them in a context through which prolific discussions can arise.

Yours sincerely,

The Secretary General The President of the General Assembly
George Papagiannopoulos Georgia Covill


Esteemed MUN Advisors, Dear Delegates,

We, the CGS MUN Directors, would like to invite you all to our conference and make you part of the CGS family. A great number of students who have previously participated in our conference, have ended up being actively involved in it, in various roles as we consider that the main objective of our yearly event is to truly unite people, offer them a common dream and forge long-lasting friendships. It is truly inspirational to watch students evolve through this process, grow and embark on their academic life but still choose to stay in touch with us and MUN.

Inspired by the youth that represents the MUN, we decided upon Social Media as our main theme for this year. It is obvious, that this multidimensional communication model has transformed and dominated our reality and lives in the past years. It has become our main mode of communication, information, entertainment and knowledge. It shapes opinions, instigates change but can also terrorize, destroy, condemn. We consider therefore that this dual function of the Social Media is worth looking into so that the positive aspects can be reinforced while its negative implications limited and controlled.

We hope that we will be given the opportunity to host you in December for an unforgettable experience, exploring international politics and engaging in diplomatic dialogue. We are positive that the students will ultimately give solutions to the most critical global challenges and envision new perspectives to better comprehend the changing world we live in.

We hope to see you all soon!

CGSMUN Director
Olga Giovani


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