General Assembly


  1. Countering the threat of domestic terrorism
  2. Addressing the threat posed by nuclear terrorism to international peace and security
  3. Ending the harm inflicted on people and communities by paramilitary organizations



  1. Sustainable economic development through responsible commodity management
  2. Enhancing governance frameworks to address cross border challenges related to commodity trade
  3. Reviewing the effectiveness of conditionality and design of IMF-supported programmes



  1. Strengthening responses to conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence
  2. People-Centred Approaches to Cultural Heritage
  3. Eliminating Discrimination in the Workplace



  1. The question of Transnistria
  2. Addressing the situation in the Angolan Enclave of Cabinda
  3. Evaluating the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping operations

Specialised Agencies

SPECON: Towards World Stability

  1. Building International Cooperation for action against climate change
  2. Free media against disinformation and propaganda towards resilience
  3. Addressing the Changing Dynamics of Global Politics during the Transition from Unipolar to Multipolar World
  4. Strengthening Multisectoral Engagement for Health Security



  1. Counter-terrorism, Cybersecurity and New Technologies initiatives
  2. The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question
  3. The situation in Myanmar



  1. Restorative justice in criminal matters
  2. Addressing Social Stratification, Social Inequality, and Global Stratification in a rapidly changing world
  3. Challenges and Solutions in Integrating Food Security and the Value Chain Approach
  4. The Prospects of Deep Sea Mining



  1. The Human Rights of Individuals in De Facto Regimes
  2. Promoting human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals through transparent, accountable and efficient public service delivery
  3. Addressing human rights priorities in the beauty industry as a means of tackling discrimination
  4. The human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment



  1. Questions of jurisdictional immunities of the State and measures of constraint against State-owned property (Germany v. Italy)


Youth Assembly

  1. Action paper on modern Olympic movement as a vehicle for human rights reform
  2. Action paper on addressing the implications of fast fashion


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