Student Officers


Secretary General: Areti Moustaki (CGS)

Deputy Secretary General: Vassilis Trantalis (Platon School)

Deputy Secretary General: Christoforos Foteinelis (Pierce- The American College of Greece)

Deputy Secretary General: Efi Charalampopoulou (CGS)

President of the General Assembly: Jason Patsatzis (DSA)



General Assembly

Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA1)
Main Chair: Emmanouil Spanos (Platon School)
Deputy Chair: John Ioannou (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)
Deputy Chair: Evangelia Giannopoulou (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

Economic and Financial Committee (GA2)
Main Chair: Maro Tsoka (Erasmios Greek-German School)
Deputy Chair: Vaia Aslanoglou (CGS)
Deputy Chair: Nikolas Pachis (Platon School)

Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee (GA3)
Main Chair: Erika Kunstmann (Deutsche Schule Athen)
Deputy Chair: Lefteris Flerianos (Erasmios Greek-German School)
Deputy Chair: Maria Kapodistria (Platon School)

Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA4)
Main Chair: Melina Drosou (Platon School)
Deputy Chair: Konstantinos Zafeirakis (St Lawrence)
Deputy Chair: Elena Ioannou (Pierce – The American College of Greece)



Security Council

President: Selina Karatza (CGS)
Deputy President: Kalliopi Vareli (CGS)
Deputy President: Alexios Gkaintasov (Pierce – The American College of Greece)



World Health Organization (WHO)

President: John Roy Amurao (Byron College)
Deputy President: John Glarentzos (Platon School)
Deputy President: Lida Galati (Anavryta Model Lyceum)
Deputy President: Foivos Chrysafidis (Pierce – The American College of Greece)



Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

President: Phivos Karatzas (CGS)
Deputy President: Fillipos Akyllas Kaloudis (Doukas School)
Deputy President: Natasha Panagiotou (Anavryta Model Lyceum)
Deputy President: Vassiliki Kalogeropoulou (Pierce – The American College of Greece)



Human Rights Council (HRC)

President: Joanna Mavromati (Platon School)
Deputy President: Maya Mathiou-Rose (International School of Athens)
Deputy President: Marilia Giannakaki (Pierce – The American College of Greece)
Deputy President: Joanna Kavoukli (CGS)



Environment Commission (EC)

President: Ines Saltiel (Campion School)
Deputy President: Alexandros Gkatzolis (Platon School)
Deputy President: Candy Cao (Campion School)
Deputy President: Zeta Zetou (Moraitis School)




President: Valentina El Kadi (St. Catherine’s British School)
Deputy President: Shichang Zhang (CGS)
Deputy President: Aikaterini Livaniou (Pierce – The American College of Greece)
Deputy President: Alexia Alifragki (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)
Deputy President: Katerina Georgopoulou (Deutsche Schule Athen)



Special Conference on Re-building Trust (SPECON)

President: Aspa Nona (Platon School)
Deputy President: Stefania Triantafillou (Pierce – The American College of Greece)
Deputy President: Medha Nagpal (International School of Athens)
Deputy President: Konstantia Rammou (Deutsche Schule Athen)



Youth Assembly (YA)


Head: Vasiliki Mamitsa (Deutsche Schule Athen)
Co-Head: Nikolitsa Georgakopoulou (Platon School)
Co-head: Marios Pasoglou (Pierce- The American College of Greece)


Head: Konstantina Alexandrou (Deutsche Schule Athen)
Co-Head: Frantzeska Vasilogeorgi (ACS)
Co-Head: Stergios Stivaktakis (Deutsche Schule Athen)



International Court of Justice (ICJ)

President: Dionysis Priftis (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)
Deputy President: Spyros Chronis (Deutsche Schule Athen)
Registrar: Alexia Papageorgiou (HAEF- Athens College)


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