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Areti Moustaki
Secretary General

My name is Areti Moustaki and I am an IB1 student at CGS (Costeas-Geitonas School). It is my utmost honor and pleasure to serve as the Secretary General of the 17th CGSMUN conference. I started my journey in MUN 5 years ago without having any specific expectations concerning what I actually wanted to do in MUN and not knowing where it would lead me. However, at the end of my very first conference, I knew I had fallen in love with it and could not wait to attend even more conferences. Consequently, I have attended over 25 conferences, each one of which has provided me with special and unique moments that I will for sure remember for the rest of my life. MUN has had a major and significant impact on my life, and becoming involved with it was one of the best choices I have ever made. Through MUN, I have had the chance to meet many new people and create new friendships, while having the opportunity to learn about other people’s cultures and ideologies and see the world from a completely different perspective to mine. One of the most important things I have come to realize about MUN is that it is much more than an academic simulation; it is an opportunity for students to come together and discuss diverse global issues, while developing a variety of skills – all of which will certainly be helpful in their adult lives. I sincerely hope that this conference will offer all of you the opportunity to truly understand its immense importance. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in December!


Jason Patsatzis
President of the General Assembly

My name is Jason Patsatzis, an 11th Grader at the German School of Athens, and I will have the utmost honor of serving as President of the General Assembly at the 17th CGSMUN Conference. By the time of the conference, I will have marked 4 years of MUN; in those 4 years I have seen great change not only in myself but also the ones around me; however, most notably it has helped me understand what I wanted to do in my life and the kind of person I wanted to be. Model United Nations may seem like just an extracurricular activity for some; however, for others it goes way beyond, it even goes beyond the premise and essence of MUN. MUN is not about the people you meet or the conferences you attend, it is about the way you perceive things and the way you influence others. In simple terms, MUN is a learning experience which does not prepare you just for school, but rather for your entire life, with some of the skills you develop during MUN conferences being of vital importance. With that being said, I really look forward to meeting every single one of you in December!

Christoforos Foteinelis
Deputy Secretary General

My name is Christoforos Foteinelis, an IB1 student at Pierce- the American College of Greece, and I have the utmost honor to serve as a Deputy Secretary General in the 17th session of CGSMUN. My MUN journey started in CGSMUN back in 2019 and since then, I have always looked forward to attending it as a Delegate, a Judge, a Student Officer and now as a Secretariat Member, constantly climbing up the hierarchy until I am now able to contribute in the maximum possible way. Now, 15 conferences later and having been in the position to not only participate but also organize a conference, I can proudly say that I have encountered many of my greatest inspirations and I have ultimately improved my public-speaking, organization and coordinating abilities. I am eager and especially looking forward to meeting you all in December!

Efi Charalampopoulou
Deputy Secretary General

I am Efi Charalampopoulou, a Year 10 student at CGS, and I have the utmost honour of serving as a Deputy Secretary General at the 17th CGSMUN conference. Having started as a delegate in the Youth Assembly of the 13th CGSMUN session, later as a Student Officer in various conferences and now as a member of the Secretariat, I must admit that MUN is not an extracurricular activity, but a whole mindset. My personal definition for MUN would be influence, interaction, effort and a sense of care towards one another, as well as the international community. The people I have met through it, the enthusiasm surrounding it and even the not-so-entertaining parts, like the sleepless nights writing Study Guides, are what have cultivated a positively overwhelming wave of passion for MUN as a concept, which I hope passes down to every single person involved in MUN. I wholeheartedly hope that the 17th CGSMUN conference will be a memorable moment for all of us. I am looking forward to meeting you all in December!

Vassilis Trantalis
Deputy Secretary General

My name is Vassilis Trantalis and I am an IB1 student at Platon School. Serving in the position of a Deputy Secretary General in the 17th session of CGSMUN is a great honor for me. CGS is the school that hosted the first MUN conference I ever attended, starting off a wonderful journey filled with joy, laughter, excitement but also the need to work and study. Managing to serve in such a position for the Secretariat of CGSMUN is a full-circle moment completed in the span of four years. These exact four years have helped me realize the impact MUN has on its participants. Decision-making, problem-solving, and public-speaking are just a small number of attributes an MUN career may offer and develop; tools that will prove to be valuable for the future. And besides, Model United Nations is a source of enjoyable moments that live rent-free in our heads, forming a tiring yet incredibly enjoyable experience. As a member of the Secretariat this year, I am looking forward to the conference and aiming for a new unforgettable experience for all Delegates, Chairs, Secretariat members and Organizing Committee members. I cannot wait to see you all in December!


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