Student Officers


Secretary General:  Angelica Vogiatzoglou (CGS)
Deputy Secretary General: Chris Moustakis (CGS)
Deputy Secretary General: Theodore Iakovou  (Pierce- The American College of Greece)
Deputy Secretary General:  Bhuvi Gupta (International School of Stavanger)
President of the General Assembly: Nefeli Pelekanou (ISA)

General Assembly

1st Committee (Disarmament and International Security)
Chair: Mike Papakonstantinou (CGS)
Deputy Chair: Panagiotis Sachinis (St Catherine’s British School)
Deputy Chair: Antonis Chronis (Deutsche Schule Athen)

2nd Committee (Economic and Financial)
Chair: Charalampos Seimanidis (Pierce – The American College of Greece)
Deputy Chair: John Kordas (Deutsche Schule Athen)
Deputy Chair: Danai Chatziveroglou (CGS)

3rd Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)
Chair: Natalia Sigala (CGS)
Deputy Chair: Stamatina Thomadaki-Kyriakopoulou (Pierce – The American College of Greece)
Deputy Chair: Fragiskos Nistikakis (Deutsche Schule Athen)

4th Committee (Special Political and Decolonization)
Chair: Panagiota Dimitrakopoulou (Deutsche Schule Athen)
Deputy Chair: Maria-Violeta Lopez-Ibanez (CGS)
Deputy Chair: Sophia Zacharia (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

6th Committee (Legal)
Chair: Niki Ktistaki (CGS)
Deputy Chair: Eleni Kalenti (St. Lawrence College)
Deputy Chair: Panagiotis Diamantis (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)



Security Council

President: Maria Meri (CGS)
Deputy President: Maria Voulgari (Deutsche Schule Athen)
Deputy President: Emily Miliou (Campion School)



Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

President: Thodoris Protekdikos (Pierce – The American College of Greece)
Deputy President: Nefeli Maniati-Saxon (CGS)
Deputy President: Cristina Papaioannou (Geitonas School)
Deputy President: Katerina Tsenekou (Campion School)



Human Rights Council (HRC)

President: Marilena Rentzou (CGS)
Deputy President: Zicheng Zhang (ACS Athens)
Deputy President: Zoi Mathiopoulou (HAEF Athens College)
Deputy President: Faye Gotsopoulou (CGS)



Special Conference on Conflict Resolution in a Changing World (SPECON)

President: Ioulianos Kotsios (Pierce – The American College of Greece)
Deputy President: Dora Georgiadi (CGS)
Deputy President: Tommaso Alocci (ACS Athens)
Deputy President: Baran Mohammadi (Byron College)



Environment Commission (EC)

President: Joanna Sakkadas (St. Lawrence College)

Sub-commission 1
Deputy President: Maria Tsoka (Erasmeios Ellinogermaniki)
Deputy President: Areti Moustaki (CGS)
Deputy President: Achilleas Frangos (HAEF Athens College)

Sub-commission 2
Deputy President: Jason Patsatzis (Deutsche Schule Athen)
Deputy President: Myrto Kalliani (CGS)
Deputy President: Katerina Gerantoni (Deutsche Schule Athen)



Youth Assembly

Head: Eirini Angelouli (Archbishop Makarios III Lyceum)
Co-Head: Velissarios Velissariou (Erasmeios Ellinogermaniki)
Co-Head: Eleni Konstantelou (Erasmeios Ellinogermaniki)



Historical Security Council

President: Anastasis Lambrianos-Stappas (Pierce – The American College of Greece)
Deputy President: Apostolos Krystallis (Deutsche Schule Athen)
Deputy President: Christos Kangelidis (Deutsche Schule Thessaloniki)


International Court of Justice (ICJ)

President: Charilaos-Ioannis Ioannou (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)
Deputy President: Despoina Petrou (CGS)
Registrar: Christina Beykou (St Lawrence College)


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