Study Guides 10th

General Assembly

Disarmament and International Security Committee (1st GA)

1. Eradicating the use of sea mines

2. Counter-measures against Cyber Warfare

3. Combating terrorism in the Central African Region


Economic and Financial Committee (2nd GA)

1. Achieving the macroeconomic goals of low unemployment and external stability

2. Promoting free trade in the context of a globalized market

3. The question of ethics in consumer and corporate behavior


Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (3rd GA)

1. Eliminating human trafficking

2. Measures to combat infectious diseases

3. Protecting cultural artifacts in periods of conflict


Special Political and Decolonization Committee (4th GA)

1. Preventing the imposition of policies on former colonized states

2.The situation in Jammu/Kashmir

3.The conflict in northern Mali


Specialized Agencies

Security Council (SC)

1. The situation in Yemen

2. Creating a standing UN Army

3. Extremism in the Middle East (ISIS)

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

1. Limiting the economic impact of overpopulation in Asia

2. Combating drug trafficking in Central and Latin America

3. Safeguarding the rights of workers in Less Economically Developed Counties (LEDCs) and Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs)

4. Facilitating access to higher education

Special Conference on Global Reform and Ethics (SPECON)

1. Promoting the integration of ethnic and religious minorities into society

2. Ethics in the fields of medicine and genetics

3. Reducing interstate conflict through the promotion of shared values and common security strategies

4. Ensuring individual privacy in the digital era

International Court of Justice

1. Maritime Delimitation in the Indian Ocean (Kenya v. Somalia)


Environmental Commission (EC)

Sub-Commission 1
1. Managing radioactive waste

2. Preventing soil degradation and erosion

3. Combating the colony collapse disorder


Sub-Commission 2
1. Considering the environmental impact of the renewable energy industry

2. The question of the Great Pacific garbage patch

3. Measures to limit intensive farming

Youth Assembly

1a. Action Paper on advertising under the scope of ethics
1b. Action Paper on fossil fuels versus renewable sources of energy


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