Programme 10th

Friday, 11 December, 2015
08:30-09:00Student Officers’ briefing
09:00-10:30All Committees and Forums in session (Lobbying)
10:00-10:30Advisors’ Meeting
10:30-11:00Seating (General Assembly Hall)
11:00-12:30Opening Ceremony
12:30-14:00Student Ambassadors’ Opening Speeches (GA Committees)
12:30-13:30Plenary Session of the Environmental Commission (Opening Speeches)
12:30-15:30Lunch available
12:30-18:00I.C.J., Security Council, ECOSOC, Special Conference, Youth Assembly in session
14:00-18:00Approval Panel open
14:00-18:00GA Committees, Environmental Commission in session (Lobbying)
18:00-19:00Student Officers’ debriefing


Saturday, 12 December, 2015
08:30-09:00Student Officers’ briefing
09:00-14:00All Committees and Forums in session
09:00-18:00Approval Panel open
12:30-15:30Lunch available
14:00-14:15Group Photo
14:15-18:00All Committees and Forums in session
18:30-19:00Student Officers’ debriefing


Sunday, 13 December, 2015 
08:30-09:00Student Officers’ briefing
09:00-10:45GA Committees in session, Environmental Commission in session
09:00-15:00I.C.J., Security Council, ECOSOC, Special conference, Youth Assembly in session
11:00-15:00General Assembly in session
11:00-15:00Plenary Session of the Environmental Commission
12:00-15:00Lunch available
15:00-15:30Seating (General Assembly Hall)
15:30-17:00Closing Ceremony
17:00-17:30Student Officers’ debriefing



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