Meet the Secretariat

Chris Moustakis
Secretary General

My name is Chris Moustakis and I currently attend the IB1 at CGS. Having started my journey at CGSMUN and having attended over 25 MUN conferences since then, it is more than an honor to be given the unique opportunity to serve as your Secretary General for the 16th session of the conference. Admittedly, I always had high ambitions in the world of MUN. Those ambitions created determination which then turned into passion. This passion has shaped more than my personality; it is safe to say it has shaped my life. Not only has MUN helped me realize my interest in politics and international relations, something I am hoping to pursue in the future, it has given me the incredible opportunity to meet extraordinary individuals from all over the world, who I can proudly call my friends. It has given me the motivation I needed to build on myself, to push myself and grow. It is this passion, this drive to learn, to discuss, to exchange ideas, that the team and I hope to inspire on people in the upcoming conference. MUN is certainly an experience and every conference is an incredible memory. I sincerely hope that CGSMUN 2021 will prove to be a memory worth remembering and a tiring yet rewarding experience for us all. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in December!

Josephine Hellauer
President of the General Assembly

My name is Josephine Hellauer, an IB1 student at Frankfurt International School in Oberursel, Germany. It is my honor to serve as President of the General Assembly at the 16th session of the CGSMUN conference. As a MUNer of six years, I am no longer able to imagine what not doing MUN feels like. I could never have expected how much I would enjoy my first conference; that I would relish the experience so much. I was unable to quit, leading me to attend 16 conferences all across Europe, always hoping to learn a new trick here, learn a new debate-line there, and, most importantly, meet new people across the continent. MUN has not only strengthened my curiosity and expertise, but further improved my debating skills and critical thinking. I sincerely hope that this conference offers you the same and that it will be a memorable experience when you look back on your MUN experience. After all these years, I cannot think of a better preparation for the issues that will face this generation in the coming years. I cannot wait to meet you all in December.

Despoina Petrou
Deputy Secretary General

My name is Despoina Petrou, an IB student at CGS, and I have the immense honor of serving as a Deputy Secretary General at the 16th session of CGSMUN. When I joined the MUN club of my school three years ago, I could not possibly have imagined the extent to which this decision would influence me as a person. Three years and 20 conferences later, I have come to realize that Model United Nations is not just an educational simulation with no pragmatic effect on the real world; it is a common space for young people to cultivate their decision-making, problem-solving, and public-speaking skills, to be inspired and inspire, and ultimately, motivate change. Model United Nations works as the triggering force for students to express their new-born ideas and accumulate a plethora of new skills, which will prove to be necessary in their adult lives. This force is what has motivated me as a Delegate, as a Student Officer, and now, as a member of the Secretariat, as well. I am eagerly looking forward to the 16th session of CGSMUN and this unforgettable experience.

Mike Papakonstantinou
Deputy Secretary General

My name is Mike Papakonstantinou and I am an IB student at CGS. At this year’s conference, I will be serving as a Deputy Secretary General. I am extremely honored to be in such a position at my school’s conference, as I have been thriving for such a position since 7th grade. An MUN conference is a unique and fruitful experience for each participant individually, as one can gain important skills through hard work, dedication and aspiration to provide solutions concerning current global affairs. I am certain that this conference will be unforgettable for all of us. Looking forward to seeing you all here!

Jasmine Perera
Deputy Secretary General

It fills me with excitement and honor to serve as a Deputy Secretary General at the 16th annual CGSMUN conference in December. My name is Jasmine Perera, and I attend the International School of Tanganyika in Tanzania. MUN has made up an extensive portion of my high school experience, and I could not be happier to be adding CGSMUN to my list of experiences as I go into my final year of both. The general MUN program has built my confidence over the years and provided me with opportunities I am forever grateful for. I look forward to getting to know you all a little better and am certain this program will provide you with the same growth as it has me. We hope that you walk away from CGSMUN with a greater understanding of the world around you, new connections and friendships, as well as added confidence. Best of luck to you all!


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