Student Officers


Secretary General: Dafni Paraschi (CGS)

Deputy Secretary General: Despina Chouliara (CGS)

Deputy Secretary General: Irene Panagiotopoulou (CGS)

Deputy Secretary General: Ioulia Sampani (Deutsche Schule Athen)

President of the General Assembly: Ata Kolday (American Collegiate Institute)


General Assembly (GA)

1st Committee (Disarmament and International Security)

Chair: Georgios Banos (Moraitis School)

Deputy Chair: Anna Kokla (CGS)

Deputy Chair: Pelin Tamay (American Collegiate Institute)


2nd Committee (Economic and Financial)

Chair: Isa Dijkstra (Coornhert Gymnasium)

Deputy Chair: Hara Chouliara (CGS)

Deputy Chair: Aggelos Tsitsiridakis (Arsakeio Tositseio Ekalis)


3rd Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

Chair: Nika Engelen (Coornhert Gymnasium)

Deputy Chair: Maria-Despoina Patouna (CGS)

Deputy Chair: Ifigeneia Paschali (Moraitis School)


4th Committee (Special Political and Decolonization)

Chair: Alex Thomaz (Campion School)

Deputy Chair: Asterios Dougalis (American Community Schools of Athens)

Deputy Chair: Alkmini Laiou (Deutsche Schule Athen)


Security Council (SC)

President: Zisis Stathis-Stamou (CGS)

Deputy President: Vassilis Stravoudakis (Pierce-American College of Greece)

Deputy President: Bill Michalis (CGS)


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

President: George-Evangelos Laios (Deutsche Schule Athen)

Deputy President: Leonidas Ntoulos (Pierce-American College of Greece)

Deputy President: Danae Zolota (Deutsche Schule Athen)

Deputy President: Georgios Dougalis (American Community Schools of Athens)


Human Rights Council (HRC)

President: Nicolas Stamatopoulos (Deutsche Schule Athen)

Deputy President: Mike Moschos (Pierce-American College of Greece)

Deputy President: Dimitra Meri (CGS)

Deputy President: Eirini Vyzirgiannaki (Anavryta Model Lyceum)


Environment Commission (EC)

President: Marianna Zambeli (CGS)

Sub-Commission 1

Deputy President: Dioni Ellinikaki (St. Catherine’s British School)

Deputy President: Evangelia Katsoula (CGS)

Deputy President: Dünya Gürses (American Collegiate Institute)

Sub-Commission 2

Deputy President: Eleni (Melenia) Stasinopoulou (CGS)

Deputy President: Athanasios Papapostolou (Byron College)

Deputy President: Sofia Christoforidou (Deutsche Schule Athen)


Special Conference on The Rise of Populism (SPECON)

President: Athena Dendri (CGS)

Deputy President: Giorgos Aravossis (HAEF Athens College)

Deputy President: Orsalia Toutouza (CGS)

Deputy President: Irena Tamaresi (Deutsche Schule Athen)


Youth Assembly

Head: Christina Skorda (B’ Arsakeio Tositseio Lykeio Ekalis)

Co-Head: Aikaterini Mouzaki (Deutsche Schule Athen)


International Court of Justice

President: Thaleia Gavrogou (Deutsche Schule Athen)

Deputy President: Katia (Maria-Aikaterini) Mavrelli (CGS)

Registrar: Evangelia Tsakali (HAEF Athens College)


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