Yannis Charalabidis

Yannis Charalabidis is Associate Professor in the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering of the University of Aegean. In parallel, he serves as Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the University, designing and managing youth entrepreneurship activities, and Head of Information Systems Laboratory, coordinating policy making, research and pilot application projects for governments and enterprises worldwide. He has more than 20 years of experience in designing, implementing, managing and applying complex information systems as project manager, in Greece and Europe. He has been employed for 8 years as an executive director in SingularLogic Group, leading software development and company expansion in Greece, Eastern Europe, India and the US.

He has published more than 200 papers in international journals and conferences, while actively participating in international standardisation committees and scientific bodies. In 2016 he was nominated as the 8th most productive writer in the world, among 9500 scholars in the Electronic Government domain, according to the Washington University survey. He is Best Paper Award winner in the International IFIP e-Government Conference (2008,2012, 2016), winner of the first prize in OMG / Business Process Modelling contest (2009) and 2nd prize winner in the European eGovernment Awards (2009).

As of August 2018, Yannis is among the 100 most influential people in Digital Governance worldwide, according to the apolitica.co list.

Specialties: Government Transformation, Interoperability Frameworks, eParticipation, Future Internet Systems, Societal Modelling and Simulation, eGovernment, eGovernance, Digital Entrepreneurship.


Cyberno is a newly established NGO that provides education to teachers, parents and children for the development of children's digital skills.



Our vision is the empowerment with the digital skills of every citizen, for the development of an intelligent society, starting today with the creation of digitally gifted children.



Our aim is to develop within the next 10 years to every child aged 8 to 12 years in the Greek territory the technical, social, and intellectual skills needed so that he can be distinguished as a user in digital media and become a Digitally Intelligent citizen.

What we do

Cyberno’s objective is the education of educators, parents and children in digital technologies, and the development of digital skills


  1. Teacher Training and Certification
  2. Informing parents’ and guardians’ associations
  3. Collection, analysis and promotion of statistics regarding the level of knowledge of teachers, parents and children
  4. Development of a web for the interconnection of teachers, parents and organisations
  5. Creation/support of ecosystem with entities (Ministry of Education, Public organizations, enterprises, European and international authorities, etc.)
  6.  Issuance, distribution and publication of papers, books, journals, brochures in order to inform our beneficiaries


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