Student Officers

General Assembly

Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA1)
Chair: Panagiotis Lampropoulos (Campion School)
Deputy Chair: Andreas Hagis (St Lawrence)
Deputy Chair: Angelica Vogiatzoglou (CGS)


Economic and Financial Committee (GA2)
Chair: Hara Chouliara (CGS)
Deputy Chair: Faidra Patsatzi (DSA)
Deputy Chair: Thomas Evans (Campion School)


Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (GA3)
Chair: Alfred Alexopoulos (HAEF Psychico College)
Deputy Chair: Deniz San (American Collegiate Institute)
Deputy Chair: Joanna Sakkadas (St Lawrence)


Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA4)
Chair: Athina Papakonstantinou (CGS)
Deputy Chair: Eleftherios Staikos (ACG)
Deputy Chair: Nefeli Pelekanou (CGS)


Security Council
President: Maria Patouna (CGS)
Deputy President: Charilaos Otimos (Geitonas School)
Deputy President: George Kanellopoulos (CGS)


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
President: Orsalia Toutouza (Moraitis)
Deputy President: Alexandra Palaiologou (A’ Arsakeio Lykeio Psychikou)
Deputy President: Dimitris Grigoriou (DSA)
Deputy President: Niki Paraskevopoulou (HAEF Psychico College)


Human Rights Council (HRC)
President: Mariana Colmenares (International School of Panama)
Deputy President: Vasilis Zotos (Doukas School)
Deputy President: Mandy Alevra (HAEF Psychico College)
Deputy President: Georgia Gotsopoulou (CGS)


Special Conference on Global Health Inequalities (SPECON)
President: Dimitra Meri (CGS)
Deputy President: Dionisis Belezinis (Anavryta Model Lyceum)
Deputy President: Penny Argyri (ACG)
Deputy President: Stavroula Adamaki (DSA)


Environment Commission (EC)
President: George Dougalis (ACS)


Sub-commission 1
Deputy President: Vasiliki Petroulia (Anavryta Model Lyceum)
Deputy President: Renia Anastasaki (CGS)
Deputy President: Nickolas Artinos (Moraitis School)


Sub-commission 2
Deputy President: Roy Malta (Moraitis)
Deputy President: Antonio Lopez- Ibanez (CGS)
Deputy President: Emmeleia Dimaraki (DSA)


Youth Assembly
Head: Maira Antonopoulou (CGS)
Co-Head: Angeliki Vytogianni (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)


International Court of Justice (ICJ)
President: Katia Mavrelli (CGS)
Deputy President: Lydia Koulouri (DSA)
Registrar: Michael Sarantellis (DSA)


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